We are mad about

Creating a quake in the chaos; building communities & cults!

We see that brands have evolved to greater purposes. From simply looking good and selling products or benefits, brands have turned into influencers, leaders and heroes even.

Thus, it is our endeavour to help brands create new communities. Lead and inspire cults and build an army of passionate brand promoters.

That being the centre of our approach, we create multi-media campaigns to make a mad impact.

Our Services

Integrated Marketing Communication

Think 360

As a creative agency, we work with all prongs of the value chain - brands, content creators, entrepreneurs and beyond. We provide experienced and integrated solutions, keeping your business goals and values at the core.

Our approach is to create a unified and seamless brand experience for consumers across channels.

  • Insight / Big Idea
  • Creative strategy
  • Campaign production

Digital Campaign

Think global, act digital

Being ahead of the curve with tech innovations is vital to the success of a communication plan on digital. Breaking the clutter, raising eyebrows via snackable content, developing banners for digital ads, or gif and video for social media campaigns, we love to exploit the virtual playground for its many possibilities.

Therefore, drive engagement, conversions, traffic or revenue, with digital everything is measurable. All you need is objectivity and precision.

  • Lead Generation
  • Media Planning
  • Analytics and Reporting

Out-of-the-box Videos

Pictures speak a 1000 words. But videos can narrate a 1000 stories!

Video production is our forte and metier, therefore if you’ve sown the seed of a great idea, we can help you water, nourish and cultivate that idea into a game changer.

We produce feature films, ad films, music videos, branded content, web series, digital films, live event video and streaming for Television, Digital, Social Media and OTTs.

As a video production house, we specialise in mobile first content, which means we ideate for the mobile screen and shoot the said content using the mobile phone camera. Therefore delivering an engaging, immersive video experience for the mobile first consumer.

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Shoot

Experiential advertiser program

Art Builds Communities. Period.

From experiential campaigns both offline and online to branded content across mediums, creating intellectual properties which address the consumer passions to increase the brands affinity. We live it. And love to make it.

  • Understanding trends
  • Creative ideation
  • Production & packaging

Tech-Driven Social Media

Make noise, or get left out!

Everyone has a different approach when they do social media marketing. Everyone is true to their own method and measures, however making the most of existing tools and using them to your advantage is a craft. Social Media Marketing is all about experimentation but lucky for you, we have a knack of creating the right content and pushing it out to the right online communities.

So, whether your end goal is to generate leads, create awareness or build advocacy; whether you have decided to use social media tech like augmented reality, branded gaming, or just plain old effective digital content; we are an enlightened team geared to deliver.

Co-Brand with Artists and Influencers

Endorse the culture!

We work with artists, musicians, performers and influencers from every walk of life. Building stories and conversations with them is a hobby of sorts.

So if you want to involve artists that your consumers look up to and generate fan-based content for your brand, you’re in the right place.

The Mad Process

We like our madness to infect everyone. So we end up searching the deepest, darkest corners for that seed, that nucleus, that nut of an idea that'll set them off in a frenzy.

“Madness” isn’t synonymous with insanity; instead “Madness” is challenging what is seen on the surface by the majority. In the end, it is the freethinker who truly makes “Sense” of reality.

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